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Collaborative Resolution of Civil Disputes

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Why Would You Want to Know about Collaborative Law?

When two or more people have a serious dispute, their problem will often end up in court with somebody suing somebody else.

Having the court solve your problem is time consuming, expensive and open to public scrutiny. Long before the case is over, most parties decide that they really don’t want their “Day in Court.” They just want to get on with their lives.

Collaborative Law allows you to settle your disputes with less disruption to your life and gives you a say in scheduling and costs.


Who Can Do This?

Anyone who has a legal dispute and is willing to work honestly and in good faith to find a resolution and to abide by the terms of the Participation Agreement (Revised August, 2007) signed by the parties and their lawyers. All parties must agree to the collaborative process for it to work.
Collaborative Attorney:
Any lawyer who is trained in Collaborative Law and is willing to follow proper Protocols, the Participation Agreement, and who will withdraw if the collaboration terminates.

GCLC Mission Statement

  • Promote the use of the collaborative process for resolving civil disputes.
  • Train lawyers and other professionals in the use of the process.
  • Educate the public as to the benefits of the process.
  • Preserve the integrity of the collaborative dispute resolution process.

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