Global Collaborative Law Council

Collaborative Resolution of Civil Disputes

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About GCLC

The Global Collaborative Law Council, Inc. (GCLC) was originally established in 2004 as the Texas Collaborative Law Council, Inc. by a small group of Texas attorneys committed to assisting clients in managing conflict and resolving disputes without litigation. In 2009, with members from coast to coast in the United States and in other countries, the name was changed to Global Collaborative Law Council, and the organization continues to carry out its mission of advancing the use of collaborative process for resolving civil disputes around the world.

Mission Statement

  • Promote the use of the collaborative process for resolving civil disputes.
  • Train lawyers and other professionals in the use of the process.
  • Educate the public as to the benefits of the process.
  • Preserve the integrity of the collaborative dispute resolution process.

Founding Members

Sherrie R. Abney
Robert J. Matlock
Michelle Leek Sutton
Hon. Ted Akin
Lawrence R. Maxwell, Jr.
Travis E. Vanderpool

Officers and Directors

Melanie M. Atha - President
Cabaniss Johnston
Birmingham, Alabama
Sherrie R. Abney - Immediate Past President
Law Offices of Sherrie R. Abney
Carrollton, Texas
Anne Shuttee - Vice President, Public Education & Training
Law Office of Anne Shuttee
Dallas, Texas
William C. Roberts, Jr. - Treasurer
Law Offices W.C. Roberts, Jr., L.P.
Dallas, Texas
Lawrence R. Maxwell, Jr. - Executive Director and Secretary
Collaborative Lawyer
Mediator and Arbitrator

Dallas, Texas
Norman Solovay - Director & Liaison to Indo-American Global Chamber of Commerce
The Solovay Practice
New York, New York
Kristen M. Blankley – Director & Liaison to The Association of American Law Schools
Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska College of Law

Lincoln, Nebraska
Robert A. Lopich - Director & Chair, Australasian Region
Collaborative Lawyers Pty Ltd.
Sydney, Australia
Anna Marova - Director & Chair, Central European Region
Marova / Attorneys
Prague, Czech Republic
Guilene F. Theodore – Director
Tampa, Florida
For more information about our Officers and Directors, please go to the Membership Directory.

Regional Chairs

-- U.S. Central Region --
Laura R. Schlenker 
Schlenker Law
Dallas, Texas

-- Canadian Region --
R. Bradley Hunter Q.C.
Hunter Peterson Deagle, LLP
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

-- U.S. Northeast Region --
Marc O. Sheridan
Markus & Sheridan
Mount Kisco, New York

-- Australasian Region --
Robert Anthony Lopich
Collaborative Lawyers Pty Ltd
Shellharbour Village,
NSW Australia

-- U.S. Southeast Region --
Joryn Jenkins
Open Palm Law
Tampa, Florida

-- Central European Region --
Anna Marova JUDr
Praha, Czech Republic
-- U.S. Western Region --
Douglas J. Rosner
Law Offices of Douglas J. Rosner
Calabasas, California

-- Western European Region --
Florence Gladel
Gladel & Company
Paris, France
  -- South American Region --
Marcello Vieira Machado Rodante
Machado Rodante Advocacia
San Paulo, Brazil

To learn more about our Regional Chairs, go to the Member Directory.

Advisory Board of Directors

Lorraine Joan Lopich
Collaborative Lawyers Pty Ltd.
Sydney, Australia

Robert J. Matlock
Woods-May-Matlock, P.C.
McKinney, Texas

Lawrence G. Newman
Newman Law Firm
Dallas, Texas

  Robert C. Prather, Sr.
Pyne & Prather, P.C
Dallas, Texas
William R. Towns
Novak Druce Collolly Bove + Quigg LLP
Houston, Texas

  Norma Levine Trusch
Attorney at Law
Houston, Texas

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